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Jaguar Service Bulletins

1995 Jaguar XJ6 (X300) Vanden Plas

TSB Number      Date   Technical Service Bulletin Title
15_33Nov-95Campaign - Oil Pressure Gauge Modification.
13_21Jan-95Campaign - Trunk Release Button Sticking
TSB Number      Date   Technical Service Bulletin Title
JAGA309-0012Apr-08Engine Controls - Removal of Seized Oxygen (O2) Sensors
JAGA100-001Sep-06Interior - Approved Cleaning Products
JAGA501-001Jun-06Body - Windshield Damage Diagnostic Guide
6-98Apr-02JTIS Workshop Manual - CD-ROM
1-130Mar-02WDS - JTP 759/13 Software
13-42Apr-00Body - Uneven Operation of Windows/Sliding Roof
15-50Nov-99Front Seat Memory - Potentiometers Adjust/Replace
15-51Oct-99Airbag - Deactivation Switch Installation Procedure
05_1-34Sep-99Fuel Gauge - Inaccurate Readings
6-75Sep-99JTIS - Shop Manual Issue 8
1-108Sep-99PDU - Software Updates
15-49Aug-99Windshield Wiper - Streaking or Juddering
6-73Jul-99JTIS - CD ROM Shop Manual Issue 7
1-106Jul-99PDU - Software Update
13-41Jun-99Front Undertray - Loose
6-72Jun-99JTIS - CD ROM Workshop Manual
1-103Jun-99PDU Software - JTP 627/5 Update
1-104Jun-99PDU Software - MPA Lock Up/Recovery Procedure
10-15Jun-99Steering Column Cassette - Replacement Procedure
1-100Apr-99PDU - New Software
11-10Apr-99Wheels & Hubs - Corrosion Prevention
13-40Mar-99Child Seat Tether - Mounting Procedures
05_1-26Mar-99EGR Valve - DTCs P0400, P1400, and P1401 EGR
3-166Feb-99Throttle Sticking/PCV Modification - Update Reference
10-07Dec-98Power Steering - Diagnosis
05_1-07Dec-98Spark Plugs - Change to Hotter Plugs
03_1-15Dec-98Throttle - Hard to Open on Cold Engine
70-28Nov-98Brake Pedal Switch - Parts Inventory Simplified
13-39Nov-98Sliding Roof - Diagnosis and Repair
14-14Oct-98A/C System - Ultra Violet Dye Leak Detection System
19_1-04Oct-98Interior - KRYTOX(R) Fluid Applications
13-37Oct-98Rear View Mirror - Detached From Windshield
13-35Oct-98Tools - Glass Bonding Procedures & Materials
13-38Jul-98Rear Wheel Opening - Corrosion/Paint Blistering
26-17Apr-98Cooling System - Revised Engine Coolant
11-09Apr-98Rear Suspension - Knocking Noise
05_1-30Feb-98Air Injection Pump - Revised Pump Requires Fuse Upgrade
04_1-02Feb-98Coolant - Revised
15-48Feb-98Garage Door Opener - Programming Procedure
05_1-27Jan-98Air Pump - DTC PO411 Insufficient Air Flow
10-14Jan-98PAS Pumps - Reconditioned Units Available
13-30Jan-98Sunroof - Drive Cable Grease Availability
6-61Dec-97JTIS - Issue 3 Workshop Manual CD ROM
10-13Dec-97Leaking Pinion Shaft Oil Seal - Leak Repair
10-12Dec-97Steering Column Tilt Motor, C/MCM - Replacement
1-90Dec-97Tool - OBDII Generic Scan Tool (GDS 500E)
10-10Dec-97Upper Steering Column - Replacement
05_1-31Nov-97Adaptive Fueling System - Diagnostic Procedure
03_1-13Nov-97Cylinder Head Bolts - Reuse Twice
13-33Nov-97Interior - Cupholder Damage
12-63Nov-97Main Bearing Cap Bolts - Reuse Twice During Repair
03_1-14Nov-97Main Bearing Cap Bolts - Reuse Twice Recommended
13-34Nov-97Sliding Roof Control Module - Removal and Installation
3-159Oct-97Closed Service Actions - No Longer Warrantied
14-13Oct-97Heater - Reduced Output Temperature
01-24Oct-97Non NAS - Bulletin 3, Insert into Binder
01-26Oct-97Non NAS Bulletin - Insert in Binder for Page Continuity
01-25Oct-97Non NAS Bulletin 2 - Insert into BInder
1-89Oct-97PDU - Software Issue 1055
1-87Oct-97PDU - Vibration Analyzer
3-160Oct-97Service Actions - Perform During Next Service Interval
3-158Oct-97Wood Veneer Repair Program
08_1-06Sep-97Bulletin - Non NAS
5-25Sep-97Engine - Setup Using PDU
05_1-28Sep-97Non NAS Bulletin - File in Bulletin Binder
015-46Aug-97Airbag - Deactivation Authorization
6-58Aug-97Airbags - Deactivation Service Kits
10-11Aug-97Power Steering Rack - Leak
15-46Aug-97SRS Airbag - Deactivation
051-23Aug-97Throttle - Sticking in Closed Position
08_1-02Jul-97A/T - ZF 4HP 24E Diagnosis
015-45Jul-97Antenna Mast - Operates Poorly
15-45Jul-97Antenna Mast - Poor Operation
001-22Jul-97Non NAS Bulletin - To Maintain Page Number Continuity
001-23Jul-97PDU Download Capture/Print Out - R.O.T
0081-02Jul-97Transmission - Diagnosis, Verifying Fluid Level
015-43Jun-97Cassette Player - Poor Sound Quality
03_1-11Jun-97Engine - Coolant Leakage
15-44Jun-97Low Maintenance - Maintaining
01-20Jun-97NON NAS - Bulletin 2
18-11Jun-97NON-NAS Bulletin 3
01-19Jun-97Non NAS - Bulletin 1
15-43Jun-97Radio/Cassette Player - Poor Sound Quality
015-36May-97SRS Airbag MIL ON - DTC 32 Secure Connector
15-36May-97SRS MIL ON - DTC 32 Secure Connector
19_6-07May-97Steering Column - Squeaks & Rattles
14-07Apr-97A/C System - Musty Odors When Hot
009-02Apr-97Drive Shaft Fasteners - Revised Torque
09-02Apr-97Driveshaft - Revised Fastener Torque Specifications
05_1-24Apr-97MIL ON - DTC P0441 (Falsely Set)
11-08Apr-97Wheel & Tire - Vibration
011-08Apr-97Wheel & Tire - Vibration Diagnosis
01-18Feb-97Interior - Cleaning Precautions/Recommended Chemicals
001-18Feb-97Interior Cleaning - Recommended Products
14-12Jan-97A/C System - Receiver/Dryer Servicing Precautions
15-42Jan-97Electrical - Manual Revisions
015-42Jan-97Electrical Guide - Revisions
014-12Jan-97Receiver Drier - Preventing Contamination
13-28Nov-96Body - Paint Codes
19_1-01Nov-96Squeaks & Rattles - Section Contents
01-14Nov-96Tires - Pirelli Technical Hotline
195_04Oct-96Center Console - Noise
197_04Oct-96Front of Vehicle - Clicking Noise
196_04Oct-96Power Steering Reservoir - Noise
196_05Oct-96Wiper Box - Squeaks and Rattles
081_03Sep-96A/T - ZF 4 HP 24E Diagnostic Flowcharts
11-04Sep-96Front Suspension - Rattle
15_12Sep-96Interior Lighting - Illumination Flickering
15_23Sep-96Power Seat Fuses - Blow with No System Fault
001_09Aug-96Bulletin - Non Applicable to NAS
15_39Aug-96Fog Lamps - Condensation
001_11Aug-96Non NAS - Bulletin Used for Page Numbering
001_10Aug-96Non NAS - Insert in Bulletin Binder
001_12Aug-96Non NAS Bulletin - Added for Consistent Page Numbering
10-09Aug-96Power Steering - Reservoir to Pump Hose Clamps Revised
051_13Jul-96Fuel Gauge - Incorrect Reading
13_27Jul-96Interior Trim, Convertible Top - Cleaning
081_04Jul-96Non NAS Bulletin - Insert Into Bulletin Binder
08_1-04Jul-96Non NAS Bulletin - Use for Page Number Consistency
15_38Jul-96Starting System - Intermittent No Crank
08_1-03Jun-96A/T - ZF 4 HP 24 E Diagnostic Flowcharts
195_01Jun-96Airbag Door - Squeaks and Rattles
19_5-03Jun-96Airbag Frame/Harness - Squeaks & Rattles
19_1-03Jun-96Anti Squeak Materials - For Squeaks & Rattles
19_6-01Jun-96Bulkhead Brake Line - Squeaks & Rattles
195_03Jun-96Dashboard - Squeaks & Rattles
197_03Jun-96Front Suspension Shock Mount - Knocking
191_03Jun-96Materials - Available for Repair of Squeaks
196_01Jun-96Right Side Fascia - Noise
19_5-01Jun-96Squeaks & Rattles - Airbag Door
19_7-03Jun-96Suspension (Front) - Knock from Shock Absorber
196_02Jun-96Traction Control Actuator - Noise
19_6-02Jun-96Traction Control Actuator - Squeaks & Rattles
196_03Jun-96Traction Control Cable - Noise
19_06-03Jun-96Traction Control Cable - Squeaks & Rattles
15_19Jun-96Windshield Wiper Blade - Design Change
12_07May-96Brake Pedal - Inconsistent Return
15_35May-96Engine - Intermittent Misfire/No Start
051_14May-96Engine - Misfire/Starting Difficulty
031_09May-96Engine - Rattle Immediately After Hot or Cold Start
60-6May-96Front Suspension - Calculating Pull Index
05_1-16May-96Fuel System - Poor Hot Engine Starting
13_17May-96Power Windows - Noise During Initial Movement
05_1-15Apr-96Engine Performance - Intermittent High Idle
13_14Apr-96Front Seats - General Discomfort
13_23Apr-96Hood Panel - Vibration
12_06Apr-96Rear Brake Caliper Retaining Bolts - New Design
05_1-06Apr-96Special Tool - Fuel Pressure Test
19-39Apr-96Tool - Fuel Pressure Tester Adapter
051_06Apr-96Tool - Fuel Pressure Testing
09_01Apr-96Vehicle - Vibration Diagnostic Routines
09-01Apr-96Vehicle Vibration - Diagnosis
11_02Mar-96Front Suspension - Knocks or Rattles
13_22Feb-96Door Lock Mechanism - Hard to Turn
13_16Feb-96Interior - Floor Mat Interference with Drivers Seat
001_01Feb-96Jump Starting - Alternate Cable Connection Procedure
13_26Feb-96Rear Seat Heaters - Not Installed During Manufacture
60-7Feb-96Steering - Pull Correction Procedure
12-60Jan-96Camshaft Cover - Oil Leaks
14_06Jan-96Cooling System Fan - Fuse Failure
86169Jan-96Interior & Instrument Panel Lighting - Malfunctions
15_34Jan-96Interior & Panel Lighting - Malfunctions.
76112Jan-96Paint Color Codes - Du Pont Stock Numbers
86168Jan-96Radio - Inadvertent Antenna Operation
15_20Jan-96Radio Antenna Operation - Extends Unintentionally
15_21Jan-96Seat Control - Innoperative Memory Functions
86170Jan-96Seats - Memory Functions Inoperative
605Jan-96Suspension - Alignment Specifications
031_08Jan-96Valve Cover - Oil Leaks
11_01Jan-96Wheel Alignment - Specifications
7025Dec-95Front Brake - Rattle
11_04Dec-95Front Suspension - Rattle Noise
PDU8Dec-95PDU - Software Update to PDU1030
13_15Nov-95NON NAS Bulletin,..
8822Nov-95Oil Pressure Gauge - Modification
7024Oct-95Brake Fluid - New Specifications
8244Oct-95Cooling System - Fan Fuse Failure
14_04Oct-95Cooling System - Fan Motor Fuse Failure
001_07Oct-95Engine - Oil Viscosity/Temperature Range Revisions
1258Oct-95Engine Oil - Revisions
86162Oct-95Fuses - Changes of Ratings/Circuits
15_16Oct-95Fuses - Rating/Circuits Changes
15_17Oct-95Fuses - Refer to Fusebox Label Allocation Details
86165Oct-95Fuses - Revised Circuit to Fuse Allocation
6416Oct-95Rear Axle Shaft - Vibration
11_03Oct-95Rear Suspension - Vibration
86166Oct-95Security System - False Alarm, Rear Door
18_10Oct-95Security System - Fault Diagnosis
15_18Oct-95Security System - Fault Diagnosis Guide
86161Oct-95Security System - Fault Diagnostic Guide
18_06Oct-95Security System - Handset Programming
86164Oct-95Security System - Panic Alarm Diagnostic Procedure
18_05Oct-95Security System - Panic Alarm Inoperative
18_04Oct-95Security System - Rear Door False Alarm
76111Oct-95Sliding Roof - Malfunction
13_11Oct-95Sliding Roof - Water Intrusion
10_04Oct-95Tools - P/S Pump Drive Dog Repair
8247Oct-95Windshield - Fogging After Blower Start Up
14_05Oct-95Windshield - Temporary Fogging After Blower Start Up
08_1-01Sep-95A/T - MIL ON DTC P1777 TCM Module
081_01Sep-95A/T MIL ON - DTC P1777 Enters Limp Home Mode
10_05Sep-95Bulletin - Non North American Specifications
001_05Sep-95Bulletin - Not Applied to North American Specification
44-29Sep-95MIL ON - Transmission in Limp Home Mode
001_06Sep-95Non NAS - Insert In Bulletin Binder for Page Numbering
041_01Sep-95Radiator Drain Plug - Defective
164Sep-95Tool Board Set - For Storing Tools
163Sep-95Tools - Power Assisted Steering Pump
7023Aug-95Brake Pedal - High Effort
12_02Aug-95Brake Pedal - Increased Effort After Previously Normal
14_10Aug-95Climate Control System - DTC Display
8246Aug-95Climate Control System - Diagnostic Trouble Code Chart
1257Aug-95Engine - Poor Idle Quality
051_03Aug-95Fuel Tank Pipe Seals - Replacement Procedure
1934Aug-95Fuel Tank Pipe Seals - Replacement Procedures
86156Aug-95Locate Illumination - Flickering
PDU7Aug-95PDU - Software Issue PDU1025
031_06Aug-95Tool - Engine Camshaft Timing
05_1-05Jul-95Bulletin - Non North American Specification
031_05Jul-95Engine Performance - Correcting Poor Idle Quality
031_04Jul-95Engine Performance - Poor Idle Quality
86134Jul-95Garage Door Opener - Erase Memory at PDI
76107Jul-95Hood Panel - Vibrating
051_05Jul-95Non NAS Bulletin - File to Maintain Page Continuity
052_05Jul-95Non NAS Bulletin - Insert Into Binder
8821Jul-95Oil Pressure Gauge - Erratic Readings
8243Jul-95PAG Oil for R134a Systems
15_31Jul-95Premium Speaker System - Alternator Whine
86158Jul-95Speakers - Alternator Whine
86157Jul-95Various Electrical Systems - Intermittent Operation
15_30Jul-95Various Systems - Intermittent Operation
ADM3133Jul-95Warranty - OBD II DTCs Must Be Reported
14_08Jun-95A/C - NipponDenso Compressor New PAG Oil
18_07Jun-95Antitheft - Inclination, Intrusion Sensors Unavailable
86153Jun-95Electrical Connectors - Contamination
15_28Jun-95Electrical Connectors - Moistuire Contamination
1247Jun-95Engine Performance - Rough Idle
15_29Jun-95Entertainment System - AVC Selecting
86155Jun-95Entertainment System - Automatic Volume Control
05_02-02Jun-95Fuel Pipe - Rattle
051_02Jun-95Fuel Pipe - Rattle At Idle
86152Jun-95Negative Battery Cable - Inadvertent Loosening
15_14Jun-95Negative Battery Cable - Loose Ground Stud Nut
8821Jun-95Oil Pressure Gauge - Fluctuation or Low Readings
15_13Jun-95Oil Pressure Gauge - Low/Inaccurate Readings
PDU6Jun-95PDU Software Release - Oil Pressure Gauge Reprogramming
86154Jun-95Security - Inclination & Intrusion Sensors Unavailable
11_06May-95Alignment - Pulls to One Side Check/Adjustment Index
1848May-95Engine - Poor Idle/Low Speed/Cruise Performance
14_03May-95Heater Water Valve - Knocking Noise
10_03May-95Non NAS Bulletin - File In Binder For Page Consistency
86150Apr-95CD Player - Button Fails to Operate Auto Changer
15_06Apr-95Entertainment System - Tweeter Specification
86149Apr-95In-Car Entertainment - Radio Selectable Features
76106Apr-95Leather Trim - Discoloration
13_19Apr-95Leather Trim - Discolored
051_04Apr-95MIL ON - DTC P0411 Secondary Air Injection
05_1-04Apr-95MIL ON - DTC PO411 Secondary Air Injection
1847Apr-95MIL ON - DTC PO411 Secondary Air Injection System
15_03Apr-95Radio - Selectable Features
86147Apr-95Speakers - Premium Sount Tweeter Specification
639Apr-95VIN & Certification Plates/Labels - Location/Replace
4426Mar-95A/T - Internal Failure at High Engine Speeds in P or N
4425Mar-95A/T - ZF Noise In Reverse
86146Mar-95A/T Gearshift Interlock - Locks in Park
15_27Mar-95CD - Button 0perates Inoperative/Intermittently
031_03Mar-95Non-North American Specification Bulletin
86145Mar-95Radio - Noise, Poor AM Reception
15_32Mar-95Radio - Poor AM Reception
ADM3140Mar-95Recordkeeping - Sublet Electronic Data Archiving Systems
13_20Mar-95Sunroof - Diagnose or Set Up Using PDU
76104Mar-95Sunroof-Diagnosis Using PDU-Manual Operation
12_04Feb-95ABS MIL Intermittent ON - DTC P0500 Wheel Sensor
7021Feb-95ABS MIL ON - DTC P0500 Rear Wheel Speed Sensor
05_1-09Feb-95ECM - Idle Instability/Hesitation Following Cold Start
051_09Feb-95Engine Performance - Various Driveability Complaints
13_07Feb-95Front Door Seals - Interference with B/C Post
1846Feb-95Fuel Injector - Identification
051_10Feb-95Fuel Tank - Will Not Fill Above 3/4 Level
051_11Feb-95Heated Oxygen Sensor - Torque Specification
12_03Feb-95Non Applicable to NAS - Bulletin
86143Feb-95Radio Inoperative, Transit Protection
1254Feb-95Spark Plugs - Change In Specification
10-06Feb-95Steering Wheel - Incorrectly Fitted With Leather
10_06Feb-95Steering Wheel - Incorrectly Installed With Leather
5719Feb-95Steering Wheel - Replace Leather Bound W/Wood
1247Jan-95Engine - Rough Idle In Drive
76101Jan-95Trunk Release Button - Sticking


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