Saturday, April 6, 2013

1995 Jaguar most common problems

Jaguar 1995-1997 X300 (AJ16)
Common Problems/Weaknesses – After 10 yrs/100,000 miles
1 Cracks in exhaust manifold
2 Faint LCD clock display segments
3 Leaking automatic dimming rear view mirror – free replacement (improved model)
4 Oil pressure sender fails – early models only
5 Seat memory (small changes?) and stiff front to back movement switch
6 Fuel sender shows 3/4 full when tank full – clean or renew sender unit
7 Rust spots along windscreen rubber area – visual check
8 Failed steering wheel motor, either the up/down (tilt) or in/out (drive coupling shaft fails)
9 Leaking camshaft cover seal – check the front of the head for oil leaks – renew seal
10 Cylinder head gasket – slight oil loss near oil galley – renew with improved version
11 Front lower wishbone bushes worn – renew
12 Split on front downpipe – repair by welding
13 Rust on rear wheel arches (pre ‘95 models)
14 Radio fails to recognise CD player (NOT CONT) – (re)solder SMD component
15 Rough idle – use correct spark plugs
16 Dirty throttle body – can lead to stiff throttle/rough idle – clean
17 Corroding rear bumper supports – renew
18 Mouldy smell when air conditioning switched on or off – clean evaporator
19 Timing chain rattle -fit new-style tensioner
20 Worn front shock absorber isolators cause clunking noises from front of car – renew
21 Worn lower radiator mounting bushes – renew
22 Leaking pwr steering high-pressure hose-renew every 100,000 km
23 Petrol tank takes ages to completely fill-clean pipe to charcoal canister
24 Failed J-gate lighting – renew bulb or use a green 12V LED
25 Premium sound rear woofer cone detaching from voice coil
26 Sagging headliner (hot climates only)
27 Cable(s) through boot lid hinge can fracture
28 Worn driver’s seat bolsters
29 Corroded valve cover
30 Loose flex (Jurid) driveshaft fitting – tighten
31 Broken fins on rear centre-vent
32 Bad brake/park microswitch – adjust
33 Heater pump fails – renew brushes (brushes N/A from Jaguar)
34 Interior lights flicker – clean or renew rear door microswitch
35 Boot lock barrel seized – clean & lubricate (graphite powder) – use regularly to avoid prob
36 Worn A-frame bushes cause knocking noises from rear of car – renew
37 Supercharger pulley bearing fails – renew
38 Dash lights fail or intermittent – renew/repair ECU in steering column
39 Bowden cable to open driver’s door fails – renew or repair
40 Dull/misty headlamps – clean the INSIDE of the glasses using a polishing compound
41 Cracked seat frame – weld together
42 Leaking oil bypass O-rings – renew
43 Leaking CPS O-ring – renew
44 Loose upper steering column
45 Loose front undertray
46 Play in driver’s seat tracks
47 Corroded bulkhead post terminal
48 High level brake light comes unstuck – re-glue
49 Bonnet insulation rubbing
50 Door stay breaks away from door
51 Crankshaft position sensor fails – Renew every 100K mile


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