Tuesday, April 9, 2013

X300 O2 Sensor Position test

Jaguar Oxygen Sensor
You can ensure the correct placement of each Jaguar oxygen sensor by connecting an OBD-II with real time sensor readings and checking the output with one sensor disconnected. The ECU should report the unplugged position as zero. If the zero is reported at a different position, the sensors are connected wrong.

For example if you disconnect "bank one, sensor one" and the ECU reports a zero at "bank two, sensor one", then the top sensors have been switched in their positions and need to be switched back.

Jaguar says that the ECU will need to be reprogrammed, but it really doesn't. Once all four sensors are positioned properly and giving good signals, the car should perk right up.

Here is a modification to make repairs on the O2 sensors easier and less chance of error.


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