Sunday, April 14, 2013

Changing Rear Axle bearings

Advice from Jag-Lovers forum

This is a DIY job - do each side one at a time, there's a spacer inside the hub that'll be different (most likely) on each side.
You will need to replace the stub axle nuts.  They have an locking insert in them and usually come apart on disassembly.
Mark the pivot bolt and lower control arm so you can reassemble keeping the rear tracking from changing.
I prefer to keep the hand brake cable attached to the hub. There's a union near the ''Y'' in the cable and I feed the
halves out of the lower sub-frame.
Do not let the hub flop down off the axle on it's pivot bolt, that can damage the hand brake cable.
Have someone (or something) press on the brake pedal when loosening the stub axle nuts.  They are TIGHT!
Originally, it is thought that Jaguar used a thread locking compound on the splines between the hub and stub axle.  Can be difficult
to separate if they've never been serviced from new.
Only special tools are a big socket and bar to loosen the axle nut, a brass drift and hammer to remove the old bearing
races and install the new ones.


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