Friday, April 5, 2013

Gas tank removal

Possible ways and solutions:

I have found the best way to get the cursed gas tank out was to lower the rear of the rear suspension. What I mean is, with the chassis properly supported on jack stands, use a floor jack to support the subframe, then loosen, but do not remove, the iron subframe mounting bolts (3 per side). Then remove the bolts in the rear cross mount "arms" ( I do not recall the correct nomenclature). lower the rear about 3 inches and you can get your hands to the fuel lines at the bottom of the tank. Of course, you need the fuel line removal tool, and I have actually found the cheap plastic ones to work better than the aluminum ones. Also, if you take a short piece of say 1/2" conduit and cut a lengthwise slot, you can use that to apply force to push the connector removal tool into the connector. I have not looked up the official time for R/R of the tank, but I would plan for a good part of a day the first time, unless you have some good help.

Possible filter replacement - Purolator PN#F65217

Detail removal instructions

Homemade tool
I have made my own tool to get the pipes out of the fuel tank. Am using a standard plastic pipe (for electrical wiring), made a large opening, so you can get it over the fuel pipe, and have made the end such (by heating) that it nicely fits the around the fuel pipe. This becomes now a 5 minute job, just slide the plastic pipe over the fuel line, push it in, and pull the fuel line out with a hook. Here are 2 pictures:

The pipe I used had an od of 19mm and id of 16mm. Then the top needs to be cut so that you can bend it around a 10mm od pipe (I used some heat so it would stay nicely round).


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