Monday, April 8, 2013

X300 Key Fob Programming

X300 Key Fob
Reprogramming new key-ring transmitters is a repair task and requires no special tools or experience and the most frequently requested reason is due to acquiring a car with only one key-ring transmitter or if the existing ones becoming faulty.
Repair Open Time is less than an hour and would cost you here in the UK:
£75.00 + at an appointed dealer plus parts.
Key-ring transmitter Battery changing X300
Caution: To avoid disrupting the coding of the key-ring transmitter, battery change must be accomplished within two minutes.
Insert a screwdriver into the slot ’A’ in the rear of the key-ring transmitter near where it joins the key ring and gently push it in so as to release clip ‘C’ to allow the cover to pop open.
Replace the two button batteries CR2016 ‘D’ in diagram.

Existing key-ring transmitter Re-Programming X300
Unlock the car with the key and press ether button three times at 1 second intervals.

New virgin key-ring transmitter Programming X300
Open the boot/trunk lid and drivers door. Switch on the ignition to position II but do not start the engine. Wait for the dash lights to extinguish. Within 5 seconds of the lights going out, Rock the valet switch, in the centre console, 5 times. The system will chirp to indicate it has entered learning mode.

On models with seat/mirror/steering wheel memory functions, the first key-ring transmitter will be linked to memory 1, second to memory 2 etc.

Press and hold the larger, lock, button on the key-ring transmitter whilst watching the Red LED and ether wait for it to stop flashing or for the system to chirp a confirmation it has got the signal. If the system doesn't receive any signals for 15 seconds, it will chirp twice and exit learn mode.

To program further key-ring transmitters, rock the valet switch once. The system will chirp twice for remote number two, three times for number three etc, then press the lock button of the key-ring transmitter as above.

When finish, wait 15 seconds for the system to time out and chirp twice, turn off the ignition, close the doors and boot lid.


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