Thursday, April 18, 2013

95 Sedan range interior illumination issues

1995> Sedan Range vehicles may experience fascia panel lighting and interior lighting malfunctions that can be caused by the back of the radio chafing on the fascia harness, In-Car Entertainment (ICE) system harness or the center console harness.

Some conditions found to be caused by harness chafing include:

^ Dimmer module fuse blows - shorted to ground.

^ No locate lighting.

^ No interior lighting.

^ Interior lighting remains ON - ground wire from module constantly grounded. 

^ Control panel illumination faults.

^ Hazard flasher light remains ON at all times.

^ Climate Control panel inoperative.

1. Remove the radio, switch pack and climate control panel as an assembly.

2. Check the harnesses running along the console and behind the radio for evidence of chafing.

3. If chafing is found, repair the wires, apply suitable protection such as 3M Glass Cloth Tape or convoluted tubing to the harness and secure the harness away from the sharp edges of the radio chassis and heat sink.

4. Check the operation of the systems listed.

5. Reinstall the climate control panel and the radio.

6. Check the operation of all systems.


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