Monday, April 8, 2013

X300 Rear Seat Removal

Removing the Rear Seats
Removing the rear seat is a simple task and requires no special tools or experience and the most frequently requested reason is due to cleaning or rear deck removal.
Repair Open Time is less than an hour and would cost you here in the UK:
£75.00 at an appointed dealer plus parts.

Remove the fuse cover trim screws (one each side) and extract the panel noting the tab at the lower outer edge of the cover.
Remove the two screws that hold the seat cushion in place.
Move the lower cushion forward and thread the seat belts through the slot in the cushion.
Remove the four screws that secure the lower edge of the seat squab in place.

Lift the squab vertically to disengage the four tabs on the rear deck panel.
Using a trim tool, remove the two plastic fasteners from the deck panel.
Unclip the seat belt finisher and slide the belt through the slot and set aside.