Friday, April 5, 2013

Choked EGR

Try a few tankfulls with Lucas Fuel Additive.


  1. It's very simple. I wasn't sure if the unit came apart so I had to check. It is a sealed unit, so the only cleaning you can do is to the "plunger" which looks like a torx screw head. Just unplug the egr, spray some PB Blaster on the mounting bolts as they will be fairly well stuck. Remove the two bolts and lift the unit away. The gasket may be stuck, so either have a new one handy or try and remove the egr without damaging the gasket. With the unit upside down, spray the carb and choke cleaner (laquer thinner works too) into the open hole until the recess is full. Be careful not to get on paint or plastic! With a plastic poker, work the plunger for a few minutes then tip the cleaner out. Blow out with compressed air and repeat until the hard deposits break up. The stuff evaporates very fast, so tipping it out is usually enough. Be careful not to score the plunger or seat as it will wreck it! Use the plastic probe or a plastic knitting needle or the like to scrape the stubborn stuff. I would use a little RTV copper on the gasket if it separates or is pitted, or replace it with new and bolt 'er back on. Just a skin of RTV will be lots. You don't want that getting into the plunger area. I often cut some shim stock into a plate and block the beggar completely! The egr robs power and has minimal effect on emissions in my experience.


    I should have mentioned: The lines that run to the throttle body may be leaking as well, so if it still has problems after cleaning the egr valve itself, post back and we'll go from there.


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